• At CES, Companies Make the Case That Telehealth Can Actually Work

    11 days ago - By Time

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, patients' fears of getting infected in health care settings pushed many to use telehealth from the comfort of their own homes. That has come with some upsides. As telehealth has become more common, many providers and patients alike have appreciated the ease and convenience of doctors' appointments from home, and it's helped patients who have struggled to get access to healthcare-either because they live far from their provider, or due to a health condition that makes mobility difficult.
    But remote appointments have made certain kinds of care and monitoring...
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  • Opinion: You'd expect health care workers on the Covid frontlines to be tested regularly. You'd be wrong

    11 days ago - By STAT

    “Have they stopped caring about our health?” reads a text from my friend and fellow surgical resident. With it comes a link to a New York Times article displaying the headline “C.D.C. Shortens Covid Isolation Period for Health Care Workers.”
    I opened the article while waiting in line to get a Covid test at the first appointment I could snag four days after caring for a patient recovering from surgery who became Covid positive in the hospital. In those few days, I had taken care of more than 40 other patients and interacted with a dozen or so nurses, physicians, and cafeteria workers.
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