• U.S. preparing guidelines to classify county COVID-19 risk: Trump

    11 days ago - By Reuters

    President Donald Trump said on Thursday his administration is preparing new coronavirus guidelines that would characterize U.S. counties as high-risk, medium-risk or low-risk.
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  • Is the U.S. ‘Flattening the Curve?' Check Our Coronavirus Chart for Daily Updates

    12 days ago - By Time

    Every day, the number of Americans confirmed as infected by the virus that causes COVID-19 is higher than the day before. Such is the brutality of exponential growth: Not only does the raw number of COVID-19 cases grow, the rate at which it grows increases as well.
    The following charts show how six nations, including the U.S., have either managed to stem the tide of the novel coronavirus, or are poised for an explosive growth in cases. TIME will update these charts daily.
    As physician and global health and public policy professor Gavin Yamey wrote in TIME last week , “The United States has...
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