• COVID-19 Vaccines Are Coming. Here's What to Expect

    9 days ago - By Time

    Vaccines normally take decades to develop and test, but two COVID-19 shots, from Moderna and Pfizer , have gone from nonexistent to about 95% effectiveness in 10 months. Public-health officials and governments now have the dual challenge of convincing the public that the vaccines are both safe and scientifically sound, as well as figuring out how to distribute billions of doses. Here's what we know so far about how that's going.
    When can I get vaccinated?
    That depends.
    Manufacturers have already begun producing vaccines, betting that they will be effective, so they can be ready to ship if...
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  • ‘People are going to die': Hospitals in half the states are facing a massive staffing shortage as Covid-19 surges

    9 days ago - By STAT

    Hospitals in at least 25 states are critically short of nurses, doctors, and other staff as coronavirus cases surge across the United States, according to the industry's trade association and a tally conducted by STAT. The situation has gotten so bad that in some places, severely ill patients have been transferred hundreds of miles for an available bed - from Texas to Arizona, and from central Missouri to Iowa.
    Many of these hospitals spent months building up stockpiles of medical equipment and protective gear in response to Covid-19, but the supplies are of little use without adequate...
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  • Opinion: Self-interest nudged me to join Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine trial. Here's how it's going

    9 days ago - By STAT

    I volunteered to take part in a Covid-19 vaccine trial. I wish I could say I did it to help hasten the defeat the coronavirus or to further science. But I really just wanted a chance to get a vaccine as soon as possible.
    As the virus began to grip the nation earlier this year, I heard the terrible accounts of its fearsome effects: People feeling mildly ill, suddenly failing and struggling for air, needing ventilators to breathe for them.
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