• A Family of Three Gets Sick With Covid-19 Symptoms. Who Has It?

    6 monthes ago - By New York Times

    Her son's skin and muscles are tender and sore. She has a cough and headache. Her husband has shortness of breath. Do any of them have Covid-19?
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  • Why a decades-old TB vaccine is getting attention in the fight against Covid-19

    6 monthes ago - By STAT

    In the desperate search for ammunition to fend off the Covid-19 pandemic, a decades-old tuberculosis vaccine, given in huge numbers around the world, is gaining newfound attention.
    Researchers in Australia and the Netherlands are testing the idea that the vaccine, known as BCG - short for bacille Calmette-Guérin - could have broad power to boost the immune system against the novel coronavirus. In the United States, a research group in Boston hopes to test the vaccine in front line health workers for the same purpose.
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