• New ventilator-sharing device eases treatment of two COVID-19 patients at once

    6 monthes ago - By Reuters

    A hospital in Connecticut has successfully employed a new 3D-printed device that makes it possible to modify one ventilator for use in two critically ill patients with COVID-19 who have different respiratory needs, as the coronavirus outbreak puts a crunch on medical resources.
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  • COVID-19: High risk of severe illness

    COVID-19: High risk of severe illness

    6 monthes ago - By The Medical Care Blog

    There is a lot of attention being paid to the proportions of severe and fatal cases in discussions of COVID-19. Unless you've been living under a rock since January, you know that there are groups who are more likely to get very sick or die during this pandemic. In this post, we explore the evidence and working theories behind why these groups might be at higher risk. The CDC outlined three broad groups at high risk of contracting a severe illness. These are:
    People age 65 years and up
    People living in nursing homes or long term care facilities
    People of any age with underlying medical...
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  • Ford making masks to protect workers against COVID-19

    6 monthes ago - By Reuters

    Ford Motor Co said on Monday it is producing face masks at a Michigan plant to protect its workers from the coronavirus pandemic and is seeking to have those masks certified for medical use.
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  • 13 Ways to Optimize Your Health to Fight COVID-19 and Beyond

    6 monthes ago - By Dr Frank Lipman

    As quarantining has continued over the past few weeks, I've found inspiration in Albert Einstein's famous quote: “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” When it comes to our wellness, these times have given us the opportunity to put our everyday concerns on pause and rededicate ourselves to building healthy routines and habits. I want to share with you 13 things all of us can do right now to upgrade our health and, with a little luck, keep COVID-19 from coming too close:
    1) Spread the love, not viruses.
    When we hear words like ‘social distancing,' ‘quarantine, ‘and...
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  • COVID-19 Makes the Case for a National Health Care System

    COVID-19 Makes the Case for a National Health Care System

    6 monthes ago - By THCB

    Governors like Andrew Cuomo of New York have discovered the price for inefficiency and conflicts of interest in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic. As he said last week, “No one hospital has the resources to handle this. There has to be a totally different operating paradigm where all those different hospitals operate as one system.”
    Our system is marked by extreme variability: a nation of health care haves and have-nots. Yet even when we Americans acknowledge the absurdity of our convoluted system of third-party payers and the pretzel positions our politicians weave in...
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