• Democrats will have to limit their drug pricing reforms to Medicare to comply with Senate rules

    1 day ago - By STAT

    WASHINGTON - Democrats will likely have to axe two provisions from their drug pricing plan to fit in with Senate rules, both of which would have brought down drug prices for people who get health insurance through their jobs.
    Democrats had hoped to cap insulin costs for patients with employer-sponsored health insurance in the massive climate, tax and health bill they're hoping to advance as soon as this weekend. They also wanted to protect the same pool of people, who get health insurance through their jobs, from bearing the brunt of future drug price hikes.
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  • The glaring health equity gap in Democrats' drug pricing plan

    2 days ago - By STAT

    WASHINGTON - As Democrats close in on the biggest overhaul of the Medicare prescription drug benefit in 20 years, they're ignoring a glaring health equity issue: unequal treatment for low-income adults 65 and older in Puerto Rico.
    Residents of Puerto Rico pay the same Medicare taxes as other Americans, but they're eligible for less help than other older adults when it comes to paying for their pharmacy drug premiums and their prescription drug costs. For all Democrats' talk about health equity this Congress, they haven't incorporated a bill that would level the playing field.
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