• Virtual therapy startups tackle the gap in mental health care for kids and teens

    18 days ago - By STAT

    When Alex Alvarado and his co-founders started their virtual therapy company Daybreak Health in February 2020, they saw a “massive need” for better mental health options for teens. Then the pandemic hit, and the gap they were trying to fill grew even bigger.
    “The need has really obviously skyrocketed in this population, as well as the need for technology-based solutions,” he said. “So it was fortunate for us to be able to help as many kids as we have been during this time.”
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  • Mental Health: Signs You're Mentally Exhausted

    18 days ago - By MedicineNet.com

    Are you irritable, tired, and finding it hard to focus? You may be mentally exhausted. Learn the signs and how to feel better.
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